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A Taste of Scotland

Scotland is both famous and infamous for its cuisine. Listed below are some Scottish delicacies for you to try during your stay here. 

  1. Haggis

The classic. Haggis (sheeps stomach), neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) is the most famous dish in Scotland. Although the idea of eating the minced offal of a sheep may be off-putting many people find that they enjoy the taste. For a less intense experience try vegetarian haggis which is surprisingly spicy.

2. Irn-Bru

Irn-bru is the best-selling soda, or fizzy juice as we say here, in Scotland. The flavouring is indescribable but the ginger drink is the ultimate hangover cure. For the real experience try and find yourself an ice-cold glass bottle.

3. Full Scottish Breakfast 

When we’re not eating porridge, a full Scottish fry up is the best breakfast a Scot can ask for. The legendary fry up includes fried eggs, baked beans, linked sausage, square sausage, potato scones, fried tomato, black pudding, bacon and sometimes haggis and fried mushrooms served with toast or a breakfast roll. For the uninitiated it can seem overwhelming but look at it as a challenge for your time in Scotland – not recommended for every day consumption.

4. Deep Fried Mars Bar

No local in their right mind would ever eat this but for some reason visitors to Scotland seem to think this a staple in the Scottish diet. Some of the more touristy fish and chip shops will sell this. For a real Scottish experience try a “pizza crunch supper” or “battered sausage supper” – deep fried pizza or a deep fried sausage served with chips. Be warned though. Edinburgh fish and chip shops believe in the use of salt and sauce whereas Glasgow fish and chip shops swear by the use of salt and vinegar. Try both and see what combo you prefer.

5. Tablet

It’s a sugar overload but it’s worth it. Tablet is a traditional Scottish sweet made with condensed milk, butter and sugar. Avoid the store bought ones which can be stale and will leave you with a poor impression of the sweet. Instead try and buy some handmade ones from a market stall in the Tron Church on the Royal Mile.

6. Pies

Although Americans seem to enjoy their pies sweet, here in Scotland we’re fans of the savoury kind. Amongst the favourites are steak pies, always eaten on New Years Day and macaroni pies which are served at the chain bakery Greggs. Try Auld Jock’s Pie Shoppe on Grassmarket for a full selection.

7. Tunnock’s

Tunnock’s are a Scottish biscuit manufacturer that have been making Scottish treats since 1890. Try the caramel wafer or the iconic Tunnock’s teacake! Available at all supermarkets in a pack of six.