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Do you know your sociometry from your psychodrama?

Think you know your sociometry from your psychodrama? Put yourself to the test and let us know the results at @SummerUoE!

Exploring Personal & Collective Stories through Enactment offers you the opportunity to use action methods to explore personal and collective stories, including selected Celtic myths and Scottish tales, to learn and develop new interpersonal and dramatic skills, and to reflect upon the various action methods presented.

Creating children's picture books

Organised each year by The University of Edinburgh, Innovative Learning Week is a festival for creative learning with almost 300 collaborative events, workshops and activities. It is a great opportunity for staff, students and people from outside of the university to share their skills and knowledge and celebrate creative learning.

Why take learning outdoors?

In order to make the curriculum come alive, we need to provide the opportunity for students to learn in authentic contexts. As educators we should be using all resources at our disposal and there is, quite literally, a whole world outside those four walls.

Classroom learning is of course an essential element in education; however equally important is the ability to transfer learning, to apply skills and knowledge to real life situations. Learning outdoors allows us to move away from the abstraction and fragmentation of traditional education and provides the opportunity for authentic learning experiences.

Quiz: How well do you know Edinburgh's literature?


With a canon including Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle, Muriel Spark and Irvine Welsh, Edinburgh has continually been at the forefront of literature and in 2004, it was named the world's first ever UNESCO City of Literature.

But how well do you know our literary greats and their works? Take our quiz to find out if you're more Doyle or dunce!