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August in Edinburgh

Visit Edinburgh in August and you’ll see sights you never imagined:  a fancy-dress cow sunbathing in the meadows, a ballerina in full costume buying her lunch in a sandwich shop on Nicholson Street. Anything goes in August as Festival fever envelops the city; you’ll find it impossible not to get swept up in the atmosphere.

July in Edinburgh

As July is the warmest month in the capital – with the average temperature approaching a whopping 20 °C – some may say that it is the best time to visit Edinburgh and study at the Summer School.

June in Edinburgh

June sees the start of the UK summer, the beginning of Edinburgh’s summer Festival season and – of course – the Summer School 2016. Though Edinburgh is a popular destination all year round, the city’s tourist season really kicks off in June. Considering the range of activities, events and opportunities the city has to offer during the summer months it’s not hard to see why.