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Why is your e-reader the size and shape that it is?

Why is your e-reader the size and shape that it is?  Because it’s trying to mimic the books you used to read.  And they were the size and shape they were mostly as a result of the size of the sheets of paper that one man could comfortably make by hand, from linen rags, a single sheet at a time.  Or, if we go back even further, as result of the size and shape of the parchment sheets that could be made from the skins of calves, sheep and goats.  The ancient technologies of the book reappear, transformed, at the bleeding edge of new technology.

Good news for students in Germany.

If you would like to study in the University of Edinburgh but the financial issue are holding you back, here is a solution: Deutsche Bildung offers financial help and supports personal development for students who are already enrolled to an accredited university or business school from Germany. The grantees receive the extra-curricular program “WissenPlus” that focuses on the improvement of social and professional competencies.

Chat to us

Summer School Office staff will be online to talk to students from overseas who want to ask questions or learn more about study opportunities.

How does it work?

Each session will involve a live presentation by one of our Summer School staff.

The presentation will be followed by an opportunity for you to get quick answers to your questions.

You can also discuss your interests with a member of staff in more detail.

Launching our Summer School

We’re extremely pleased and excited to announce that the first Summer School courses will be available via The University of Edinburgh this summer.

Adding a Summer School to our extensive range of programmes and opportunities allows even more students to come and study at our prestigious institution but there are many other benefits to studying during the summer months too, especially with the University of Edinburgh.