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Sporting Scotland


Sport in Scotland today could be described as a mixed bag. Scottish teams perform terribly in certain sports and are world champions – multiple times over – in others. No matter the result, Scots are passionate about sport and it has had a huge impact on Scottish culture throughout history. What you might not know, is that Scots have also made a significant contribution to the world of sport outside of Scotland too.

Here are just a few examples…


Northern delights

Isle of Skye

Swap city for scenery and embark on a Highland adventure – the perfect tonic to the buzz of Edinburgh life.

Edinburgh is a city of varied delights: winding cobbled streets steeped in history, elegant Georgian walkways with chic boutiques, dramatic castle searing into the skyline, the country’s finest museums, galleries and nightlife. Few places hum with energy like Scotland’s capital.

A Taste of Scotland

Scotland is both famous and infamous for its cuisine. Listed below are some Scottish delicacies for you to try during your stay here. 

  1. Haggis

The classic. Haggis (sheeps stomach), neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) is the most famous dish in Scotland. Although the idea of eating the minced offal of a sheep may be off-putting many people find that they enjoy the taste. For a less intense experience try vegetarian haggis which is surprisingly spicy.